Yes, we have many products available to the public such as lawn and garden fertilizers, pest control, sprayers and parts, safety products and more!

We carry the Simplot Professional line of fertilizers, Monterey Lawn & Garden and many other products for the turf and ornamental professional market as well as the homeowner.

Many products are available to the small country “ranchette” less than 5 acres. A ‘Grower ID’ is required to purchase non-restricted products if you sell your crop or have more than 5 acres. Products registered as ‘Restricted’ require a special restricted materials permit. A Grower ID and Restricted Material Permit are obtained at your regional County Ag Commissioner office.

Each Ag product has a label describing use and protective clothing (PPE) requirements. We carry all safety products – glasses, goggles, coveralls, gloves, respirators, boots, raingear – needed to keep you and your crew safe!

We sell hand sprayers and dusters, pull-behind and skid sprayers, tanks, injection pumps, spray pumps. We also sell a full line of spray parts, hoses, nozzles, clamps, strainers, fittings, etc.