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Water conservation is more important today than ever. We have been providing complete irrigation systems since 1971. In 1998 we installed the largest Partial Root Zone Drip (PRD) irrigation system in the US at the time. Today, we are still a leader in drip irrigation, subsurface, micro-sprinklers and impact sprinklers. We manage a half-million dollar inventory of pipe, hose and parts for after-market support. 


Some of the items we stock:

  • Filters, valves, pressure regulators, air relief vents and solenoids

  • PVC pipe and fittings

  • Galvanized fittings

  • PE Drip hose and fittings

  • Injection systems and pumps

  • Drippers and sprinklers

  • Glue and accessories


Efficiency is the key to a sound water management program. Water-stressed vines can lead to reduced crop, undesirable quality, disease and poor vine health, even death. In order to maintain clean drip lines and emitters, we sell Kleen Flo line treatment by Ag Water Chemical. When metered with a low-volume pump during your irrigation, you can be confident that your lines will remain unfouled and free of mineral, algae or slime buildup. Clean drippers means your vines are receiving the water they are designed to and you donít have to worry about undue stress. And Kleen Flo is safe enough to put in your drinking water!



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