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What has kept our business successful since 1941 is providing quality products to growers; the products they need.  We are still committed to research every product thoroughly to ensure itís the right fit for our customers.


Crop Protection

Fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, biocides, rodenticides, organics, adjuvants.


Fertilizer and Seed

Dry bagged, organic, water soluble, liquids, custom blends, foliar, micro-nutrients, treated seed.


Safety Gear

PPE, respirators, coveralls, goggles, gloves, decontamination kits, first aid kits, aprons, boots.


Spray Equipment Parts and Supplies

Nozzles, tips, booms, sprayers, motors, tanks, wands, guns, ATV tanks, backpack sprayers, trailers.



Crop care consulting, GPS mapping, petiole and soil sampling and analysis, field scouting, nutrient evaluations.



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